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We are honored to have the privilege to guide you through the process of creating a one of a kind Heirloom Cookbook for your friends and relatives.  Join us as we celebrate the beauty of food and relationships…

  From an early age, I embraced the idea of honoring important relationships by presenting loved ones with handmade books filled with photographs and written memories.  I remember sneaking pictures out of my family’s photo album, hoping to copy and replace them before my project was discovered!  I quickly realized the special bond that I created with my loved ones when I presented them with such a memorable treasure. 

Several years ago, a family friend expressed her desire to pass on her family’s Secret Ingredients.  I decided to accept the challenge, and immediately rediscovered the satisfaction of creating family treasures.  The gift was an instant success, and word quickly spread throughout the neighborhoods of my hometown.

Throughout the creation of these cookbooks, I began to appreciate the unique opportunity I was given to explore the importance of cooking and food in the foundation of each family.  Because the preparation and presentation of meals appeals to all five of our senses, the presence of familiar foods instantly ignites our memories and comforts us.  (There is little my mother’s Chicken Dumpling recipe can’t cure!)  And so, my passion for creating the timeless “Gift of Cooking” continues…

My mission in creating the family cookbooks that you see on our website today is to provide our clients with unsurpassed quality and customer care, while offering customized selections to benefit every family.  Enjoy the process of sharing your family memories! 

Once again thank you for your interest in our product. 

With kindest regards,

Kate Walling
President and Founder
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