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family recipe book

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  family recipe book  
  Save your frequent flier miles and free up your cell phone minutes!  We have the perfect project to connect you with friends and family throughout the country.   Let Secret Ingredients guide your group through the creation of an heirloom cookbook with our interactive online experience.    Our system will organize your group’s favorite recipes and photographs into a masterpiece!

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  The process is very simple. Our group projects have plenty of neato web features that will keep you connected and entertained.

**Guess what, groups? You've got an advantage! Each individual group member can pay separately, and- even better- the pricing for each cookbook is determined by the total number your group orders. The bigger your group the more the savings. See Pricing for more details.
creating a cookbook   Pick Your "Head Chef" - Every group has a combination of personalities: the creative genius, the gossip, and of course the organized superhuman! The first and most important step in beginning a group project is deciding who will be the leader, or in this case, the Head Chef. As the old saying goes, you don't need too many cooks in the kitchen.
personalized cookbook   Get Started - The Head Chef will be in charge of setting up a group account. To do this, click Get Started and choose Group Project. During this process the Head Chef will create a Participants list, dividing group members into Email and Snail Mail Participants.
    Email Participants- Secret Ingredients will send email invitations to all Email Participants automatically. To join the group project, each Email Participant will click the "Count Me In" button at the bottom of the email.

    Snail Mail Participants- The Head Chef will have access to a Snail Mail Kit which contains all of the letters and forms needed to include friends and family members who are not electronically connected. The Head Chef will submit recipes and orders on behalf of Snail Mail Participants.
online cook book   Log In And Have Fun - Using the temporary username and password, log in to your account. You'll be able to change your username and password to something easy to remember then.

Enjoy learning the more exciting features of our trial accounts, or begin the simple process of entering recipes; the choice is yours! Your recipes will be automatically organized and counted by category as you submit them.
creating a cookbook   Customize Your Cookbook - This is one of the best parts! Each group member may customize the look and feel of his/her heirloom cookbook by selecting a Binder, Dividers, and Font Style. Payment information for the cookbook deposit ($100) will be entered at this time.
personalized cookbook   Cookbook Complete - The Head Chef will let us know your group cookbooks are ready to print by clicking the Cookbook Complete button. We will begin production on your beautiful cookbooks immediately. They will be shipped and in your hands within 2 weeks!
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    Dear Head Chefs,
We have several special features to help you stay on top of the gang. For example, you will have access to an interactive checklist to keep you up-to-date on your progress. Also, you may post reminders and notes for your group members. Email us at if you have any questions.

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A Family Cookbook to Treasure for Generations

Have you or anyone in your family ever considered putting together a family cookbook? Putting together a family recipe book is an idea that's just beginning to take off. As more and more cookbook publishers make cookbook publishing easier than ever before, creating a cook book is something everyone can do regardless of skill level.

When you and your group create a family cookbook, you'll actually be creating a personalized cookbook. Before your group begins creating a cook book, you'll want to dig out the family recipe book that's full of those family recipes that have been passed down through generations, as well as any other recipe scrapbooks. And everyone should dig out their family scrapbook and family photos, too.

These are the items the group is going to use to help assemble the family cookbook. Part of what makes cookbook publishing so different and such a great group activity is knowing that every member of your group will contribute family photos and family recipes to the personalized cookbook.

Family Recipe Book = Family Cook Book

Imagine how much fun it will be for you and your family to build a family cookbook together! As you become involved in creating a family recipe book, and looking through old family scrap books, you'll find that some of the recipes you share together will bring up warm memories, or moments you'll all have a laugh over!

When you're finished creating your cookbook, envision how proud you will be when you show off the family recipe book at the next family reunion!

family cookbook - Your Cookbook Publishers

Before starting, look for cookbook publishers that offer an online cook book development environment. That way it'll be easier for group members to stay in touch. An online cook book development environment makes it easy for group members to contribute their favorite family scrapbook and recipe scrapbook entries. Once all entries have been entered, - your cookbook publishing company - will handle the rest.

Friends Can Help Too

Your group doesn't have to be made up of family members. You can gather together a group of friends and create a "friends" cookbook instead. Cookbook publishers love working with social groups because this makes the cookbook diverse and interesting. Rather than using family photos, the group can choose photos of special times together and they can still refer to family scrapbooks and recipe scrapbooks for recipe ideas.

Get Started!

Creating a friends cookbook, a family cookbook, or a family recipe book truly has never been easier! Let's get started today!