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  Are you ready for a rewarding, fun project?  Forget the scissors, adhesives, and cluttered work surface.  Creating an heirloom has never been so easy, organized, and exciting!  Let Secret Ingredients guide you through the creation of a one-of-a-kind, heirloom cookbook with our proven system.  You provide the recipes and photographs and leave the rest to us!

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  The process is very simple. We even have an interactive checklist to keep you up-to-date on your progress.
recipes   Get Started - Getting started is a breeze! Just enter your name and email address and choose what options you'd like for your cookbook. We'll send you a temporary username and password via email, and you're ready to log in to your account!

The account is yours to use for up to three months. If you finish before then, check out and get those books to the presses! If you need extra time after three months, you can pay for the books you'll be ordering and continue the process of entering delicious dishes.
contributions   Log In and Have Fun - Using the temporary username and password, log in to your account. You'll be able to change your username and password to something easy to remember then.

Enjoy learning the more exciting features of our trial accounts, or begin the simple process of entering recipes; the choice is yours! Your recipes will be automatically organized and counted by category as you submit them.
family   Customize Your Cookbook - This is one of the best parts! When you are ready, you may customize the look and feel of your heirloom cookbook. Simply choose your Binder, Dividers, and Font Style. You will enter payment information for your deposit ($100) at this time.
friends   Cookbook Complete - Let us know you're ready to print by clicking the Cookbook Complete button. We will begin production on your beautiful cookbooks immediately. They will be shipped and in your hands within 2 weeks!

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Creating a Cook Book Has Never Been Easier

Have you ever thought about creating a cook book? Maybe you've thought that your children would enjoy sharing your recipes if you could make your own cookbook. After all, you have enough family recipes to make your own cookbook interesting. But then you thought about all the work that's involved.

You'd have to sort through your recipe scrapbook and your family's cookbooks hoping to find enough tantalizing recipes to make it all worthwhile. Then you'd have to find a reputable cookbook publishing company, one that you could afford. Suddenly, the idea of creating a cook book didn't sound very fun. After all, it's actually pretty hard to turn a recipe scrapbook into something beautiful you will be proud to pass it down to younger generations - as a family heirloom? Or ... Is It?

What if there was a way to create a personalized cookbook, one that would end up looking so incredibly beautiful that you could actually give it as a present? A gift so special, that it would become a family heirloom? Well, here's the great news - you can turn the task of creating a cook book into something that's not only much more manageable - it's really fun! In fact, in just a few evenings, you can create a personalized cookbook, recipe scrapbook, online cookbook, or family cookbook without leaving the comfort of your own home.

family cookbook

This cookbook publishing company wants you!

The Secret Ingredients is a cookbook publishing company you can team up with right now to create a personalized cookbook! All you have to do is gather up your family recipe book, your family cookbook and any other family recipes you can find, and you'll be well on your way to creating a cook book. Once you start recipe scrapbooking, you won't want to stop.

This cookbook publishing company even makes it easy for you to request cook book recipes from your friends and family. That way, you can get everyone involved and they don't even have to know you're creating a cook book! Just tell them you're working on a little recipe scrapbooking project and you need their help. Imagine their surprise when they see that your little family recipe book project turned into a personalized cookbook complete with unique binding, photos, and a dedication!

Cookbook publishers come and go but The Secret Ingredients is here to stay. Our cookbook publishers staff are ready, willing and able to help you with creating a recipe book. Even if you don't have a family recipe book, an online cook book, or a family cookbook full of recipes, creating a recipe book will still be possible. The Secret Ingredients maintains a recipe scrap book full of recipes that have been donated from its customers' family recipe books.

If you want to be part of the latest craze - start creating a recipe book! Recipe scrapbooking is fun, it's unique, and with more and more people turning on their creativity in the kitchen, it's a great way to create a luxury gift for those you love. When you're ready to begin creating a cook book, be sure to choose the cookbook publishers that are committed to quality: