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  Looking for a gift that will leave a lasting impression?

Not only are Secret Ingredients cookbooks unique and memorable, but they will make your loved ones feel incredibly special! With unsurpassed quality and customer service, we will walk you through the process of creating an heirloom cookbook to celebrate your family legacy and leave a lasting impression.

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  The Perfect Gift for the new bride! Don’t forget the bridesmaids!  
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  Secret Ingredients Cookbooks can make almost any Birthday wish come true!  
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  Family Reunion  
  Document your family memories and get-togethers through recipes! It’s the perfect project to unite your extended family.  
family reunion gifts
  New Baby  
  An addition to the family often inspires new Moms and Dads to get cookin’! Share favorite recipes with your loved ones so they can pass on the family traditions.  
  Mother's Day  
  An addition to the family often inspires new Moms and Dads to get cookin’! Share favorite recipes with your loved ones so they can pass on the family traditions.  
  It’s time to celebrate the graduate. Give an heirloom cookbook as they start bringing home the dough!  
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Family Cookbook
Makes the Perfect Gift

If you're looking for the perfect personalized special occasion gift, look no farther than a customized family cookbook from

Show off your creative side the next gift-giving occasion by letting walk you through the process of making a personalized cookbook. It makes the perfect gift for any of special occasion.

Unique Wedding Gifts

Nothing brings families together like a wedding! Plan to give the most treasured of unique wedding gifts - a custom family cook book. Celebrate the occasion and create a very unique memento of the day by taking treasured recipes from both families and turning them into unique wedding gifts. The mother of the bride and groom will enjoy creating new meals, and meals that bring back warm family memories. So will the bridesmaids and guests - if you're generous enough to provide each person with a personalized cookbook! Whether you're the bride who is searching for mother of the bride gift ideas, or you're a bridesmaid or guest looking for creative unique wedding gifts for the bride, you'll be remembered for giving perfect personalized wedding gifts and wedding shower gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime!

Unique Wedding Shower Gifts

A more intimate setting to present a family cookbook to the future bride, would be the bridal shower. There could truly be no more memorable and treasured keepsake. A personalized family cook book has to be one of the most creative bridal shower gifts ever invented! And it's the perfect mother of the bride gift idea - imagine presenting Mom with her and her family's treasured recipes, photos and memories - in a family heirloom that will instantly become one of her most precious possessions.

Unique Birthday Gifts

It gets harder and harder to find perfect birthday gift ideas as the special people in your life grow older. But you don't have to worry about ho-hum birthday gifts when you give a customized family cookbook. A unique family cookbook is more than a birthday gift; it's a compilation of a lifetime of memories that will bring a flood of emotions to the special person in your life.

Unique Christmas Gifts

Shopping for Christmas gifts or any holiday gifts can be one of the most stressful times in your life. There are so many Christmas gift ideas to consider and you don't want to give the same old holiday gifts that everyone else is giving. Many people want to give holiday luxury gifts, but they don't want to break the bank doing it. Relax! A customized family recipe book is one of the top holiday luxury gift ideas of the season, and makes it easy to create these unique holiday gifts.

family cookbook

Family Reunion Gifts

The perfect gift for family reunion memories is a gift that won't be duplicated by everyone else. Lots of people will be swapping photographs, but very few will be able to come up with personalized family reunion gift ideas that are truly unique. So why not show your creative gift giving side by presenting your loved ones with family reunion gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime? Start a family tradition, make it a part of your family history, and have publish several personalized copies of your family's custom recipe cookbook - the ideal choice for family reunion gifts!

Baby Shower Gifts

Let's face it, after a while it gets tough to come up with baby shower gift ideas that aren't old and boring. But you don't have to knock yourself out looking for personalized and creative baby shower gifts. All you have to do is signup for an account at and you'll have immediate access to the perfect baby shower gift that's sure to be one of a kind!

Perfect Gifts for Mother's Day

Shopping for Mother's Day gifts can be a nightmare! Perfect gifts for Mother's Day are few and far between, and how many more bottles of perfume does Mom really need? If you're stuck on gift ideas for Mom, we've got the answer! A family recipe cookbook from It's one of those unique gift ideas for Mother's Day that she'll treasure forever. And since makes it so easy to show your creative side, you can put together extra special Mothers Day gifts that will become instant family heirlooms for Mom, Grandma, Sister, Niece, Daughter, and Friend.

Graduation Gifts

Forget the usual graduation gifts and go for one of THE perfect graduation gift ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd. Giving unique gifts for graduation gets a lot easier when you give a custom family recipe cookbook from Exclusive and distinctive among personalized graduation gifts. Of course these would be unique gifts for women, but let's not forget the guys who cook (or learning to)! Not only will it help that new graduate carry fond family memories from his or her parent's kitchen to their own, but you'll be remembered for having one of the best gift ideas for graduation for years to come!