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How many recipes?
  Keepsake Cookbooks are an elegant way to preserve your favorite recipes. Create cookbooks from as few as 25 recipes, or include as many family favorites as you like!

Secret Ingredients will organize and alphabetize your recipes for you, according to how many recipes you submit. Read below to learn about our options, and be sure to check out our sample to flip through a completed Keepsake Cookbook!

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Less than 50 Recipes
• On the Table of Contents page, all recipes will be listed alphabetically by title.
• Within the book, recipes will also appear alphabetically by title.
• Short recipes will appear only of the front of pages. Longer recipes that take more than one page will be continued over onto the back.

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More than 50 recipes
• The book is divided into Recipe Sections, such as Appetizers & Beverages, Desserts, and Breads.
• The recipes are alphabetized within each Recipe Section.
• Recipes will be printed on the front and back of inside pages.
• There will be an Index in the back of the book, listing recipe titles and page numbers alphabetically.

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