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Focus on the Family

Focus on the family by designing your family's very own personal cookbook! Family celebrations, holiday laughter, joyful conversations, and the wonderful smells of special recipes; all these create the golden memories we take with us throughout our lives. Yet, we're often so busy these days, we tend to forget what it all means. What are we working for? Where does the time go? We feel we might be losing our focus on the family - losing something very important! Who has time to cook, much less to create a family cookbook? We'll show you how quick, easy and fun it can be!

Do you recall those secret recipes you remember from long ago? Remember when grandma would wink, then show you the secret ingredient that made her special meatloaf or spaghetti sauce fabulous? She might even have thought about creating a cook book, but never got around to it. Where did all that information go? How do we keep track of those special family recipes with all those secret ingredients? When was the last time you or your children had a chance to just hang around the kitchen, laughing and talking as everyone put together an apple pie? Remember those leftover scraps of dough, with the cinnamon?

With today's families spreading out so much, what about an online cook book? What if you could easily create a family cookbook, and focus on the family traditions and photos everyone loves to see at holiday get-togethers? It would be like a recipe scrapbook, or maybe a family heirloom handed down through generations. But it would be readily available to everyone, no matter how far away from home they ended up.
family cookbook Don't know a thing about creating a cookbook? No problem! Here's a way for you to easily pass on those wonderful special recipes and secret ingredients in a personalized cookbook and photo album.

Without having to learn complicated technology, you can give a gift that will last many lifetimes. So focus on the family recipes you'd like to preserve. Secret Ingredients' personalized family recipe book includes memorable photos, treasured stories, and will be much more than just a family recipe book! is so easy to use, anyone who loves to cook will find it a joy. Think of how well gathering around the dinner table brings the family together. Isn't that what focusing on the family is all about? In an anonymous world of cubicle isolation, what better way to get back to basics, get back to what matters, and get back to a real focus on the family?

A family recipe book would be just the thing when the kids go off to college! Maybe we don't like to think about it so much, but in the blink of an eye, they're getting married, starting a family of their own. Now you can write a personalized family cookbook. Wherever they are at college, or wherever they're relocated in the world, your loved ones will always have access to those treasured memories, special family recipes, and that best-of-all secret ingredient, your love.